How to Check Your R350 Payment Dates from SASSA for March 2022

SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates for March and April 2022. In order to know exactly when the r350 grant payment will be made, you need to check online for the sassa status on the srd website dashboard. It needs to show to you that you have been approved before you can expect to be paid.


Payments for this second iteration of the social relief of distress began in the last week of August and continue till March 2023. All beneficiaries are to take note that according to Sassa, payments for each month will be made after a means test is done.

This means it will only be made after it has been confirmed that the applicant still meets the qualifying criteria to be paid. Payments are therefore expected to be done in the last week of every month. This time around, the duration of payments is till next year.

So should you apply and you are approved, you will be paid for each month till the deadline next year as long as you continue to meet the requirements and you pass the means test is conducted every month.

If the payment method chosen for the beneficiary is the post office, then they are to first wait for a text message from the agency before going to the assigned nearest office to receive their money. If they haven’t received it yet they are not to head over as they would not be paid any money since it hasn’t been sent.

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Important Announcement: Sassa R350 grant applicants who during the previous application period were approved for disbursement but not paid or were paid but they have not withdrawn the money. They were to get in touch with sassa before 31st August. If they did not, then they stood a chance of losing that allocation been made to them.

All amounts for each month due shall be paid into a bank account of the beneficiary. With applicants who are unbanked or do not have bank accounts, the agency will pay through SAPO/Post Bank; or a Bank Mobile Money Transfers (cash send).

It is important for applicants to note that the bank account or the cellular phone number provided for payment MUST be registered in the name of the approved applicant for the grant to ensure that payment goes to the correct recipients. 

With respect to the Previous Special COVID-19 SRD grant benefits paid during the period from 01 May 2020 – 30 April 2021 –

– Outstanding payments are in the region of 45,414 (transactions) from applicants whose applications were approved but not paid because they could not be traced or they did not contact SASSA to update their personal details;

– A total of 571,724 grants which have been approved remain uncollected from the post office and I urge all applicants who have not received or claimed their grants to urgently contact SASSA, as they will only have until 31 August 2021 to make enquiries in respect of the previous grant from May 2020 to April 2021. I also wish to urge those who have not withdrawn their payments to do so before 31 August 2021. After 31 August they will not be able to consider any enquiries relating to the previous grant.

– Any applicant whose application was approved but not paid because the applicant could not be traced or the applicant did not contact SASSA to update his or her personal details, shall forfeit the money to the State after 31 August 2021 and such applicant shall not be able to lodge any claim against the State.

Can one use another person’s bank account? To avoid any possible fraudulent activities this is not allowed. Use your own bank account or cellphone number.

Where no choice is made as to how to receive the payment, SASSA will send the payment through the Post Office. All asylum seekers and special permit holders will be paid through the post office, where a personal appearance, with the relevant documents, will be required to prove identity before payment is affected.